Sterling Silver – Consisting of 92.5% silver and an alloy of copper and zinc. The copper improves the metals hardness and durability without affecting it’s beautiful color.

Platinum PL/RU

Platinum is a strong, durable, high density metal which is naturally white. Platinum does not contain any nickel, so it can be considered hypoallergenic. Our Platinum is 95% pure and it’s only alloy is Ruthenium.


To add strength to this malleable metal,gold is alloyed with mixtures of metals such as silver,copper, nickel, and zinc. The alloys add strength and durability, fortifying it for everyday wear.

Gold / Palladium

Gold alloyed with Palladium is a great option for those who wish to manufacturer the brightest, crispest white gold jewelry. Also good for a customer who has sensitivities to nickel, as palladium is a hypoallergenic alloy

White & Yellow Alloys

Our white and yellow alloys are economic solutions for those who wish to create samples of
their merchandise which look and feel like real gold. When creating sample lines, or prototyping heavy designs, alloy may be a great solution. These metals can be plated and soldered like real gold.

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