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Return Policy

To our valued customers:

We strive to provide the highest quality and service in producing your castings.

Unfortunately, there are times when castings must be returned. In order for us to process returns quickly and accurately, the following guidelines must be observed:

All returns must be accompanied by copy of the original invoice, or the label originally included with the casting. The reason for the return must be indicated clearly in writing and included with the returned merchandise. Returns must be made within 10 days of the invoice date.

Failure to follow these guidelines may disqualify the returned material from being considered for metal and/or labor credit.

All metal returned without proper documentation, and/or deemed to be of unknown or questionable origin or quality will be subject to assay. A handling fee will be charged for this service at a rate of $50 for a gold, and $100 for a platinum. Metal requiring this processing will be credited to the customer at a rate of 95% of the intrinsic metal content. The metal price used for the credit issued is to be determined solely by Quality

Casting Inc.

Eligibility for labor credit is at the sole discretion of Quality Casting Inc. We do not issue labor credit for reasons beyond our control, customer cancelations, cad work, printing charges or rubber molds. Orders cancelled after production has started will be charged full labor.

In the event of a finishing loss, metal credit will be issued for the actual weight of metal returned, not the weight originally invoiced.

Thank you,

Carl Morfino