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Sterling Silver – Consisting of 92.5% silver and an alloy of copper and zinc. The copper improves the metals hardness and durability without affecting it’s beautiful color.

Argentium Silver – A sterling silver alloy which modifies the traditional alloy (93% silver + 7% copper) by replacing some of the copper with the metalloid germanium. Argentium™ Sterling Silver has many advantages in comparison to standard sterling silver:

  • Firescale-free alloy.
  • Highly tarnish-resistant.
  • Lower heat and electrical conductivity, enabling the alloy to be resistance, plasma and laser welded. Annealed hardness is equal to standard sterling silver. Further hardening can be achieved by simple heat treatment (even after soldering).
  • Increased ductility, to assist forming processes including spinning and stamping.
  • Environmental advantages of a firescale-free alloy – cyanide and other hazardous chemicals used for stripping or plating over firescale, are eliminated.
  • Production/finishing time is reduced.

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