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Quality Casting

Quality Casting Inc.

Cast with Quality and receive a PDF report for all new styles submitted for mold cutting and casting. The report includes image, style number, date, various karats, and corresponding weights priced at 4 different metal markets. You and your staff will always have accurate information at hand! Upon request we will also send Quarterly summary reports for the styles cast with Quality within each quarter. The report includes totals for the styles purchased, casting weights, labor and metal charges.

Itemized Invoicing

With corresponding individual bar-coded bags for each style, you will always know the exact weight and cost of each item.

Component Styles

Ideal for necklaces, bracelets, and styles with multiple components. With our integrated computer system we can coordinate the production of any multi-part style and assure that you receive the correct karats, colors and quantities.

Since 1982

Since 1982, Quality Casting has been furnishing the jewelry industry with fine quality castings. Every client, from the largest manufacturer to the designer to the one-person repair shop, is treated with the same individual care and attention. Our specialists individually assess each project, large or small, to provide you with optimum results and trouble-free castings.

Jewelry Casting

Quality Casting has completed construction on a state of the art jewelry casting facility located in Long Island City, NY. Quality Casting’s investment in the latest technology and training of employees ensures you, our customer, trouble free jewelry castings at an affordable price. Convenient NYC pickup and drop-off available.

CAD / CAM Jewelry Casting

Experience the future of custom design work. Let the Quality Casting CAD department create a model or print a file from your unique design. Files are checked before printing and then cast into the metal of your choice.

Mold Making

Quality Casting offers a variety of rubber, silicon, and metal molds to ensure that your designs will be produced exactly to your specifications.

Wax Casting Alterations

Everything from ring sizing to altering stone contents. Please call Quality Casting to discuss how we can help make your vision into reality.

Competitive Casting Rates

With the added advantage of a mold discount and quarterly summary reports for customers who store their active molds at Quality Casting.

Quality Casting Guarantee

The Quality Assurance Guarantee *

Quality Casting guarantees to return a casting of each hand-carved wax given to us. If Quality Casting fails to return a casting of your design, we’ll pay for a new one, up to $250. Must be in writing with order.

*$24.00—Standard Size

New Offerings

Green Gold

Quality Casting only uses recycled gold from reputable refiners.

950 Palladium

The newest economically priced alternative metal taking the industry by storm. Featuring a platinum-like white color that doesn’t need rhodium plating, with superior working characteristics and durability.

14kt & 18kt Palladium

In response to growing demand, Quality Casting we offer two nickel-free karat gold and palladium blends. These blends have the color and workability associated with palladium and are available in both 14 and 18 karat alloys.

Conversion Grid

Click here to view the grid.

To use the grid, locate the intersection of the desired metal and present metal. This number is your conversion factor. Multiply that number by the actual known weight of present metal; e.g., to determine what a casting that weighs 1.50 dwt. in sterling would weigh in 14Kt Yellow, go to 14Kt Yellow under desired metal column. Follow that row across until it intersects the Sterling column. This is your conversion factor (in this case 1.248). Then multiply 1.248 (conversion factor) by 1.5 (known weight) = 1.872 dwt. This would be the weight for the 14Kt Yellow casting.