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3D Printers

Projet 3500 MAX XHD Our Projets are capable of super high definition prints, as well as fast and high volume production. We are confident these machines will always deliver super high definition prints with crisp details, and smooth surface finish. The VisiJet line of RealWax material offers numerous advantages, one of them being that it can be directly casted in any metal, including Platinum! Now you can save time and money by not having to cut molds on your prints, especially on one of a kind jobs, when the added expense is not neccessary.. Another benefit of the Projet machine is its capability to print very large part sizes.

Solidscape High Precision 3-D printers

Our Solidscape printers deliver all the intricate details contained in your CAD files with precision and symmetry that is incomparable. Solidscape printers are used perfect for the creation of prototypes and master models for fine jewelry. The exclusive 3Z™Model and 3Z™Support materials produce wax parts with superior casting properties; fast meltout, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion. Both printers produces the highest resolution prints available at this time in the market. Our CAD experts will employ both technologies to ensure you get the most most optimum print job, and ultimately the best quality castings.