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This website was designed to accept single shell .stl files and are in millimeter. You may use any 3D software which can export to the STL file format.

Our expert CAD operators will reject any files which are not printable and/or castable.

Fixing files is available for an additional fee. We recommend checking your files using Netfabb or Magics RP, which is a powerful STL editor, and useful tool.

The price of your casting includes the price of printing, casting labor, and the precious metal cost which goes into your design. Prices are only valid for single shell .stl files loaded in millimeter. This website uses advanced algorithms to quantify materials and calculate your designs price. The price will change on a daily basis with the dynamic metal markets. Billing will be based on actual weight and gold or platinum price on the day of invoicing.

If your design can present any danger to our employees, or if it violates any obvious copyrights it will be rejected. We reserve the right to refuse processing designs.

Your designs are your designs, and our reputation relies on protecting your privacy. We will never share or sell your designs to anybody but you.

Our CAD operators will examine each individual file and employ the printer which will deliver the highest resolution and be the best option for your project.