3D Printing

Projet 3500 MAX XHD
Our Projets are capable of super high definition prints, as well as fast and high volume production. We are confident these machines will always deliver super high definition prints with crisp details, and smooth surface finish. The VisiJet line of RealWax material offers numerous advantages, one of them being that it can be directly casted in any metal, including Platinum! Now you can save time and money by not having to cut molds on your prints, especially on one of a kind jobs, when the added expense is not neccessary.. Another benefit of the Projet machine is its capability to print very large part sizes.

Gold Casting

Cast with Quality and receive a PDF report for all new styles submitted for mold cutting and casting. The report includes image, style number, date, various karats, and corresponding weights priced at 4 different metal markets. You and your staff will always have accurate information at hand! Upon request we will also send Quarterly summary reports for the styles cast with Quality within each quarter. The report includes totals for the styles purchased, casting weights, labor and metal charges.

CAD Services

Quality Casting is happy to be involved in as much of your jewelry casting project as you desire, You can send a sketch with metal and stone requirements or a file in .stl or 3dm format.

Quality Casting’s CAD professionals will help you take your project from concept to completion. If you prefer to do the finishing Quality Casting is happy to provide the excellent jewelry casting services and leave the finishing to you.

Jewelry Casting

Quality Casting guarantees to return a casting of each hand-carved wax given to us.
If Quality Casting fails to return a casting of your design, we’ll pay for a new one, up to $250.
Must be in writing with order.

Quality Casting

Quality Casting has been family owned and operated since 1982.  Our customers and employees have enabled our growth and have established our reputation for always delivering the highest quality castings at a competitive price.  Every client from designer to the largest manufacturer is treated with the same individual care and attention.  Our specialists individually evaluate each project, large or small to provide you with optimum results and trouble free castings.  Our state of the art facility in Long Island City is not only modernized with the latest casting and 3D equipment, it is also completely computerized and allows us to supply accurate information on all the styles you cast with us.  Whether it is a free product card with weights, style numbers, images, and prices or a detailed itemized invoice, Quality has you covered. To support our customers growing demand for CAD and 3D printing, we have invested in state of the art machinery, and hired the most experienced and knowledgeable CAD engineers.   Our Cad department will work with you to optimize production of your project to obtain the best results. Our goal is to provide a smooth transition into cad and supply you with the best castings.When you upload your files onto Quality’s website, you are ensured a quick 3D print, as well as a high quality casting.  Your files will be kept secure, and castings will be delivered in as little as 48 hours.  By never having to take ownership of a fragile wax, you eliminate the risk of breaking it, and save time sending it back and forth.  We are committed to providing fast accurate pricing, quick 3D prints, and only the highest QUALITY Castings.

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